Men of a thousand hands, I hope that your art will live on,
because it speaks to the best that the world has to offer: childhood.
Jean Cocteau



Mach 5


Understand in 10 seconds:

MACH 5 is an association that runs the Palais de la Magie, a meeting place for the general public and magicians.

There will be a theatre, a museum, a media library, a library and a meeting place.

The Palais will offer optimum conditions for creating the shows of tomorrow
(workshop/rehearsal space/advice/coaching) and to teach.

If you’re a fan of magic or a player in the world of illusionism, this ambitious project needs you!

Understand in 2 minutes:

Magic, the art of wonder, reenchants the world. Its culture and heritage, as rich as they are little-known, are treasures that must be passed on to present and future generations.

MACH 5 is the association that runs the Palais de la Magie. The aim of the Palais de la Magie is to promote illusionism and prestidigitation through cultural, heritage, teaching and networking activities.

The Palais de la Magie is a meeting place for the general public and magicians.

Its cultural activities focus on the creation, innovation and dissemination of illusionist shows. To enable the general public to discover the very best in contemporary illusionism, the Palais will be welcoming leading contemporary artists to its theatre and performance spaces. The Palais will also offer artists optimum conditions for creating the illusions of tomorrow (workshop) and staging them (rehearsal/advice/coaching areas).

A museum, media library and library will promote the development of heritage activities through the research, study, conservation and transmission of works of art, objects, texts and techniques of illusionism. In this way, the general public will be able to discover the richness of this art form.

The Palais de la Magie is also a meeting place for magicians from all over the world, for professionals in the performing arts and for the general public, bringing these three worlds together in a variety of ways.

Le Palais de la Magie is supported in its work by the Magic association “Arts Culture Humanisme” 5 (MACH 5) and the endowment fund “Magic Foundation – Paris”, the first French structure to bring together patrons to promote illusionism.

To ensure that this ambitious project flourishes in the best possible conditions, we need your help:

Are you a magic fan, a player in the world of illusionism or a magician?

They talk about it

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Viktor Vincent - Magician

” You don’t have to be a mentalist to predict that the Palais de la Magie will be a success.”

Viktor Vincent

Bertran Lotth - Magician

“I see an extraordinary future for the Palais de la Magie”.

Bertran Lotth
Futuroscope Magician
Magician of great illusions

Bernard Bilis - Magician

“There are moments that I have not missed:
Yesterday, Dai Vernon in France,
Nina Simone at the Olympia!
After 20 years at the “Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”, 
I can see a great moment coming
for our art and for the public :
the birth of the “Palais de la Magie”.
I’m proud to be part of it !

Bernard Bilis

Caroline Marx - Magician

“At last, a project that will also give sanctuary to the Magicians-women and their procession of pretty Fairies, gentle Witches, amiable Pithy, superb Goddesses, great Priestesses, powerful Druidesses as well as humble Undines or beautiful Enchantresses”.

Caroline Marx

Christophe Mervil - Magician

“The creation of the Palais de la Magie in Paris and MACH 5 are the two wings that will propel the growth of the magical arts. A much-needed ‘Reborn’, the source of an unprecedented surge of creativity and preservation of our heritage.”

Christophe Mervil
French Champion 2023, La Grande-Motte

Jean Régil - Magician

“The idea of creating a grand venue in France dedicated to magic is a wonderful one. A venue as prestigious, if not more so, than the Magic Castle in the United States or the Magic Circle in England. A place that will give the public a high idea of magic as one of the most complete arts in existence.”

Jean Régil
Magic director

Marc-Antoine - Magician

“The die has been cast and the martingale is clear: The Magic Palace will be a success ! “

Golden Wand Monte-Carlo
Designer of magical effects

Pathy Bad - Magician

“A Palais de la Magie in Paris will be a considerable plus for the French Magic Teams and MACH5 will further stimulate the emergence of young talent; everything we need to make our art flourish. The French Magic Team will do everything in its power to participate, help and build this magnificent and essential project…”

Pathy Bad
Director of the French Stage Magic Team – FFAP

Pouic Pouic - Magician

“Great ! The creation of a place that will also make children dream.”

Pouic Pouic
The super magician and friend of children

Gaëtan Bloom - Magician

“It took a visionary, as well as an entrepreneur, to take on such a project… Domi NHO is our man !
So yes, we’re with him, and I’m the first to take part and help win this magnificent challenge !

Of course, it’s a bit crazy, but as Mark Twain said:

They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it….”

Gaëtan Bloom
Magician, actor
A.M.A. Master Magician Fellowship Award 2023

Kevin James - Magician

“Here you go ! Go for it, boys !”

Kevin James

Stefan Leyshon - Magician

“Well done to the superb team for the work they have already accomplished.
Proud to support such a project.
The magic is so beautiful, its setting will be magnificent!”

Stefan Leyshon
Chief magic officer

Jean Merlin - Magician

“In life, there are the immobile and the nomadic, those who want to go further. Domi NHO, who belongs to the latter category, has launched a number of initiatives to give French magic a heritage equivalent to that of the English or the Spanish: in other words, a venue, acquired through sponsorship, that would bring together a theatre, meeting rooms and exhibition halls – in short, a place where those who love magic can ‘live well’ ! What a great idea !
I wish him the best of luck !”

Jean Merlin

Marco Candela - Magician

“We are proud that this project, which we are supporting, is led by a Belgian magician, Domi NHO!
Belgium will be that much closer to Paris!
Long live MACH 5!”

Marco Candela
President of the Royal Club des Magiciens de Bruxelles
Vice-President of the Belgian Magic Federation

Francis Tabary- Magician

“When Domi NHO told me about MACH 5, I was immediately hooked.
All French magicians dream of having a place entirely devoted to the Magical Arts.
I dare to hope that our community will be so enthusiastic that France will finally have this marvellous venue !
Transforming dreams into reality is the very essence of our Art, so let’s unite to make this fabulous project a success !”

Francis Tabary
Close-up world champion FISM world 1991 Lausanne
Doctor of Pharmacy

Adrien Quillien - Magician

“Magic is like cooking ! It’s high art.
As with Michelin-starred restaurants, atmosphere, décor and secrets are essential.
Chefs have been enchanting palates since the dawn of time… It’s only right that magic should finally have its own palace !
And I can guarantee you that a thousand stars will meet there ! “

Adrien Quillien
French Magic Champion 2017
Graduate in Luxury Hotel and Restaurant Management

Guy Lamelot - Magician

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.

don Helder Camara

“Domi NHO’s crazy project is already underway.
While it has a number of valuable assets :
– artistic credibility
– the know-how of an entrepreneur
– the networks that are essential for raising finance,
he also needs our help.
We’ve all dreamt of this Palais de la Magie, with a real theatre, halls, a museum, shows, a school and so on. He’s going to do it !
We’re going to do it!
So let’s go crazy with him, let’s join in and let’s go for it !”

Guy Lamelot
President FFAP 1993-2007

Mikael Szanyiel - Magician

“Mach5 is a symphony in itself, culminating in the Palais de la Magie”.

Mikael Szanyiel
French Champion 2005 Strasbourg
Winner of FISM world 2006 and 2012
École Internationale Mimodrame de Paris Mime Marceau

Norbert Ferré - Magician

“As an active member of our community of illusionists, I am delighted to enthusiastically support this project initiated by Domi NHO, which promises to take us beyond the ordinary !

Out of the ordinary and rooted in the charm of Paris, the Palais de la Magie will be a tribute to the art of illusion, a constant source of amazement.

Join us on this unique adventure, bringing the extraordinary to life !”

Norbert Ferré
Grand Prix FISM world 2003 The Hague
President of the MAGEV charity magic association

Otto Wessely - Magician

“With this Palais, Paris will become the world capital of magic !
The Magic Castle and Las Vegas will no longer be the only ones to claim this title.
Long live magic and long live Robert-Houdin… even if he’s already dead ! “

Otto Wessely
of Crazy Horse Paris

Valerie - Magician

“Domi NHO is going to give us a quick change: an ugly building and Hop ! a Palais. Everything I love !”

Siegfried & Roy Grand Prix
Baguette d’argent Monte-Carlo

Gabriel Werlen - Magician

“I’m committed to this fantastic project and I’m delighted to be offering my time and skills to support its development.”

Gabriel Werlen.
Mentalist – Creator
Corporate lecturer on illusory thinking
CentraleSupelec engineer

Florian Sainvet - Magician

“Rich in the culture of our predecessors, this magical place will encourage union and sharing.
A melting pot of creativity and innovation, the Palais de la Magie will become part of France’s essential artistic heritage.”

Florian Sainvet
FISM World Champion 2018 Korea

Alexandre Laigneau - Magician

“I’m delighted to have created the Mach5 website and logo ! I support this great initiative to give Paris a Palais de la Magie.”

Alexandre Laigneau
French Magic Vice-Champion

Antoine Leduc - Magician

“A Palace! What a heritage !
I’m offering to look after the network of my fellow managers !”

Antoine Leduc
Asset Manager

Peter Din- Magician

“This project is a melting pot of mystery, wonder, infinite creativity, surprise, art, culture, history, diversity, performance, sensation and emotion. Join us on a magical journey where every moment reveals the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

Peter Din
Vice President FISM
President FFAP 2006-2011

Pierre GUEDIN - Magician

“Small streams make big rivers … this is my drop of water:
I have decided to offer the community a “Petit traité d’initiation aux arts magiques” aimed at children aged eight to twelve, in the form of an educational booklet.”

Pierre Guedin
Author of magical articles and books, including “Retour aux sources” (Back to the sources)
Doctor of Medicine

Arnaud Dalaine - Magician

“It’s a good idea to build a Palais de la Magie in Paris. Every place dedicated to Magic contributes to the development of our Art.”

Arnaud Dalaine
Director of the Maison de la Magie Robert-Houdin in Blois.

Philippe Socrate - Magician

“The Palais de la Magie is no optical illusion 😊
I have it on good authority that the project is in good hands; once completed, it will give our profession a very high pedigree, and help to preserve its exceptional heritage.”

Philippe Socrate
FISM World Champion 1982 Lausanne
specialist in optical illusions
Doctor of Medicine

Alice - Magician

“What a fabulous project ! It can only be the Wonderland Palace”.

French Champion 2021

Taha Mansour - Magician

“If the flap of a butterfly’s wing can generate a tornado, just imagine what the Palace of Magic will generate !”

Taha Mansour
Mentalist, Business Consultant /persuasion and management/
Centrale Paris engineer

Tom Wouda - Magician

“Tom Wouda alias James Bond will soon find himself on a secret mission to the Palace of Magic, a matter to be followed… “

Tom Wouda
Champion of France 2022

Guilhem Julia - Magician

“MACH 5, or how to propel magic into the firmament at supersonic speed…

What an opportunity to be part of the birth of such an exciting project, worthy of our love of the art of magic…
Well done and thank you Domi NHO !

The Palais de la Magie is undoubtedly the ideal setting to meet the public and our colleagues. Just imagine ! A place in the heart of Paris housing a theatre, a research centre and a library ?
France can be proud !

Long live MACH 5 and the Palais de la Magie !”

Guilhem Julia
FFAP French Stage Magic Champion 2018
Doctor of Law / Co-Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law, Sorbonne Paris Nord University

Hugues Protat - Magician

“Marie-Hélène tells me that Robert-Houdin is very excited about a Palais de la Magie being built in Paris near his theatre, and I can tell you that it will be a jewel of Pierre’s and that Edmond has already planned the bottles for the inauguration”.

Hugues Protat

BEBEL - Magician

“I know the Palais de la Magie won’t be a house of cards, so I can’t wait to bring my own.”

Belkhier Djenane aka “Bébel”
Close up Cartoman

Gérald Le Guilloux - Magician

“A great initiative !
It will be a powerful anchor for magic in France.
Young people will draw on the knowledge of our art and the history of our elders.
Some great names are now members of Mach5 ;
I’m proud to be one of them.”

Gérald Le Guilloux

Philippe Molina - Magician

“The City of Light has been missing a place where the art of magic can flourish in the most beautiful way ! Now it’s here with the Palais de la magie, which will be our very own ‘Magic Castle’ ! Thank you Dominique.”

Philippe Molina

Lord Martin - Magician

“The Lord never has the pod. 
Since Edinburgh is closer to Paris than Saint Tropez, the Lord will make the Palais de la Magie his summer residence.
Let it be known !”

Lord Martin

Charly - Magician

“Time ! We’ve waited so long… and now… the Palais de la Magie has been announced! Faith of the master of time, it’s for real now ! “

French Champion 2016 Nancy

Jan Madd - Magician

“1845: Théâtre des Soirées Fantastiques by Robert Houdin in Paris.
1990: Metamorphosis Theatre in Paris in front of Notre Dame.
2024: Project for the Palais de la Magie in Paris.
Best wishes to the eternal Enchanters…”

Jan Madd
Creator of the Péniche Théatre Metamorphosis
Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres

François Normag - Magician

“Magic is the art of acting and staging, so it needs a theatre.

In Paris, the Palais de la Magie will be a major venue for the transmission and development of our age-old culture.

All illusionists have dreamed of this, and now their dream is coming true. Congratulations and thanks to Domi Nho for laying the foundations !”

François Normag
Actor, illusionist, stage director.

Maxime Minerbe - Magician

“The PALAIS DE LA MAGIE is sure to become an endless source of wonder for everyone !
I will personally contribute to this exceptional project. A French project open to the world ! “

Maxime Minerbe
French Magic Champion

Gilles Mageux - Magician

“At last, a place that will have the resources and space for our fine archives, our wonderful collections, and our love of heritage !”

Gilles Mageux
Director of “l’Agora magique

Alberto et Cristina Merletti - Magicians

“The French stage team has really helped us to progress. With a Palais de la Magie it will be even more effective ! You can count on us to be there for you.”

Alberto and Cristina Merletti
From the sun of Italy

Didier Morax - Magician

“The past is the root of the future

Knowing and safeguarding the past are two fundamental principles that our art cannot escape.

The Palais de la Magie, with its museum, collections, library/media centre, workshops, training and rehearsal studios, will guarantee “transmission as well as fulfilment” for the benefit of future generations ! “

Didier Morax
Creator of magical exhibitions.

Stanislas - Magician

“What a great idea !
A place for the magical arts in Paris.
A large-scale centre with everything you need !
Only Domi NHO could have pulled it off: he’s a fantastic magician, a shrewd businessman and, above all, he’s kept his childlike soul and a lot of energy.
He’s a bit crazy, but that’s part of his charm.
Of course he’ll need help for this exciting adventure. But because he’s such a unifier, there’s no doubt that he’ll bring his project to a successful conclusion.
In any case, I’m in, and with great pleasure.

Long live the adventure !”

Professional magician,
international con artist and amateur surgeon.

Stanislas - Magician

“What a great idea !
A place for the magical arts in Paris.
A large-scale centre with everything you need !
Only Domi NHO could have pulled it off: he’s a fantastic magician, a shrewd businessman and, above all, he’s kept his childlike soul and a lot of energy.
He’s a bit crazy, but that’s part of his charm.
Of course he’ll need help for this exciting adventure. But because he’s such a unifier, there’s no doubt that he’ll bring his project to a successful conclusion.
In any case, I’m in, and with great pleasure.

Long live the adventure !”

Professional magician,
international con artist and amateur surgeon.

Anabell and Venedig - Magicians

” We are delighted to have been involved from the outset, and to be doing our bit to contribute to this wonderful project.

We can’t wait to discover this place where, like so many others, we’ll be sharing, forging links and making progress.

We wish the Palais de la Magie long life, strength and vigour! “

Anabell O’Connell
Hopeful of the French Stage Magic Team,

and Venedig
Ventriloquist and magician,
Doctor in Social Psychology and lecturer on the psychology of magic.





Christopher Pimond - Magician

“As a magician dedicated to bringing joy to children and a man behind the scenes in the world of magic, I’m thrilled by the Palais de la Magie project in Paris.

It promises to be a sanctuary for all magic lovers, where the age-old art will be celebrated in all its splendour.

I am honoured to contribute to this magical adventure and look forward to seeing the Palais become a home for creativity, wonder and the transmission of magical secrets.”

Christopher Pimond
Expert in awakening the magic in young apprentices





Palais de la Magie


Magic Foundation


Mach 5


"MAGIC-FOUNDATION PARIS" & "mach 5" came into being thanks to the enthusiasm of many renowned magicians, supporting this initiative in the service of artistic creation, proposed by Domi nho.

(world magic champion, four-time FISM world award winner).

Domi NHO is also a coach with the French Stage Magic Team and a member of the Royal Club des Magiciens de Bruxelles, itself a member of the Belgian Magic Federation.

one of the aims of the "MAGIC-FOUNDATION PARIS" is to build a magic palace of between 2000 m2 and 4000 m2 in paris.

mach 5, an association of general interest, brings together lovers of the magical arts: companies / ASSOCIATIONS / institutions / magicians / non-magicians.

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