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What is MACH 5 all about?

Mach 5 is a non-profit association under the French law of 1901. Hereafter: extract from Article 2 “Purpose” of the Articles of Association
The purpose of the Association is to develop activities of general interest, mainly of a cultural nature, by presenting live, educational and social shows to the general public, for the benefit of as many people as possible:
To offer wonder, happiness and culture by bringing the magic arts to as many people as possible;
To introduce children and the general public to the magical arts;
To teach the history, culture and art of magic;
To preserve, develop and make known to the widest possible public by all means, the magical cultural heritage and the magical arts in all their forms;
To establish a dialogue between the magical cultures of other countries in Europe and more widely throughout the world, dedicated to the same goals.

In this respect, its main purpose is to operate an establishment known as the “Palais de la Magie” in Paris and to present all forms of live entertainment related to the magical arts in the said establishment, by :
– Establishing itself as a venue for performing arts (artistic shows, illusionist shows, magic theatre and other theatrical performances, etc.);
– Organising dissemination and artistic creation and ensuring the physical and technical operation of the establishment;
– Participating in cultural development.

It carries out this main activity in the context of disinterested management and the provisions of article 200 1-f) and 238 bis 1-e) of the General Tax Code.
It develops, on an ancillary basis, any activity of general interest in one of the aforementioned areas of general interest, and in particular a non-profit museum and library/media centre dedicated to the magical arts.

To sum up :
MACH 5 brings together all persons and entities wishing to develop the association and its social purpose. MACH 5 is responsible for running the Palais de la Magie and its activities.

Why join MACH 5?

Joining Mach 5, whether you’re a magician or a non-magician, an individual or a corporate entity, means that you’re each playing your part in an exceptional project to bring magic to the general public.
It means benefiting from the shared aura of a project never before undertaken in France on this scale, aimed at the general public.
You’ll be immersed in a vast artistic revival, with resources and tools never before available to this art form.
It means enriching yourself by enriching others.

What does “MACH 5” mean?

Magic « Arts Culture Humanism » 5

Why « 5 » ?

“5” is a series of winks.  Skill of hands require a high dexterity. Fingers are originally called “digit”  ( Latin root).
Because mankind has used its fingers to count: “digit” also means “number” by extension. So “5” is a beautiful synthesis of our five fingers and the mystery of numbers.

“MAGIC” has five letters as well as DIGIT. “Magic Arts Culture Humanisme” has twenty-five letters, or 5 x 5. “MACH 5” has five glyphs. MACH 5 will welcome five types of members: / Magicians / Non-Magicians (Muggles) / Companies / Associations – Clubs / Institutions/.

How many people are interested in the magical arts in France?

In France, we can estimate the number of people interested in magic at almost :
– 4,000 regular practitioners (the Fédération Française des Artistes Prestidigitateurs groups together 1/3 of them),
– 40,000 occasional performers (figure based on customers of magic merchants)
– 40 million sympathisers (a figure derived from surveys of a sample of the population to whom a trick is presented), i.e. more than half the French population!
You only have to look at the enthusiasm generated by magic shows to understand the considerable interest people have in this great art form, often called the “Queen of the Arts” because it combines so many disciplines.
The Palais de la Magie is destined to become the essential hub for these 40 million people, and what’s more, it will have a European and even global reach.


Why are magical arts and culture so appealing?

Because in each of us lies a child’s soul waiting for the marvellous; for that which has no boundaries or constraints.
Because human genius also expresses itself in incredible tricks whose mysteries are as captivating as their artistic form.
Jean Cocteau captured this so well:

“Men of a thousand hands, I salute you. Aren’t you representative of this time and space that blend together to deceive us and set their countless walls against us? Men of a thousand hands, what you make believe is more real than reality, which is a dream. For in this game you play the role of fate and mystery. Your lies amaze us more than our poor truth. Men of a thousand hands, I hope that your art will live on, because it addresses the best that the world has to offer: childhood.”
Jean Cocteau

Is Mach5 supported by other entities?

Yes, although we are only at the beginning of the great adventure, the fairies are bending over the cradle. Prepare for Mach5 in the college of associations and clubs:
The Magic Circle in London
The Royal Club of Magicians of Brussels
The Club de Illusionistas Profesionnales (CIP – Madrid)
Assicicio Catalona d’aficionats à l’Il lusianisme (Barcelona)
Associacio Catalana de Mags il.lusionistes professioals i Empresaris (ACMIPE Barcelona)
Associacio la cas Magica ( Gerona)
Associacio XEVI museu de la Magia (Gerona)
Pending confirmation: La Circulo della Magia di Torino (CADM Turin)

In France
Le Cercle Magique de Paris (CMP), the largest club in France
Magic in Hospitals
Magev (Magic for children affected by life)
IPotam Mecamusi

Why is there a mixture of English and French in the association’s name?

While “Arts” and “Culture” are identical in English and French, “Magic” sounds better than “magie”, where the last syllable is turned off. “Magic” is reminiscent of “Magique”. As for Humanisme, the word can be understood in both languages and the choice was made to end on a French word.

Finally, although the association is French, it aims to be open to the world and already to Europe, so let’s be crazy and mix the beautiful language of Molière with that of today’s global linguistic vehicle.

What are MACH 5 contributions used for?

As in any association, membership fees are used to cover the running of the association. Subscriptions are differentiated according to the nature of the members and their willingness to support the association.

Depending on the size of the contributions, they will also be used to finance equipment, collections, research and the creation of shows.

Will the “MACH 5” association be eligible for subsidies?

Yes, as the association is in the public interest, it can receive grants. It will receive balancing subsidies from MFP. It may apply for grants from local authorities (Municipality / Department / Region / Ministry of Culture-DRAC / Europe) like all associations involved in performing arts and artistic creation.

Can members reclaim their contributions for tax purposes?

Yes, as the association is in the public interest, it will issue CERFA receipts enabling members to claim back 66% of their contributions for tax purposes, up to a limit of 20% of their income.

If the association had debts, would the members be liable for them?

No. Neither the members of an association nor its governing bodies (directors grouped together in the “Bureau”) are liable for the association’s debts. For the governing bodies of an association to be sued to cover liabilities, they would have to have acted fraudulently or voluntarily given personal guarantees for loans.

Who created MACH 5?

This creation is the brainchild of Domi NHO (a young man of 75, World Magic Champion, four-time FISM world award winner). Domi NHO is also a coach with the Equipe de France de Scène (EdFS) of the FFAM (formerly FFAP), a member of the Royal Club des Magiciens de Bruxelles and a member of the Belgian Magic Federation. Today, a number of magicians have joined him and are involved in a “project team” and in the budding life of the association.

Have you already received donations?


Financial donations
We have the resources to begin work on the project. We just need to keep on collecting.

The first financial donation was the endowment of MFP when it was created, made by a company.
But it’s not just financial donations.

There are also donations of knowledge, and the first donation of this type was made by Pierre Guédin.
Pierre generously donated the fruit of a long project: “A short introduction to the magical arts for children aged eight to twelve in the form of an educational booklet”, which he developed and tested himself. It’s very important because it’s the first step in teaching.

There are gifts of services
The first donation came from Gabriel Werlen, who invested in the pre-membership database and will continue with MACH 5 memberships, then Alexandre Laigneau invested in the logo and the structure of this site, Frédérique Houzelle in content and its publication and communication, Antoine Leduc, who is responsible for coordinating heritage managers, Pathy Bad, who worked on the documents for the first period of sponsorship for EdF S, Florian Sainvet, who created the illustrations, and of course Domi NHO, who coordinates and promotes the project; You can find out more about the other people involved in the “who’s who” section to be created for this purpose.

Donations of information and contacts
The first donation was from Stuart Scott, General Secretary of The Magic Circle Foundation, who helped us a great deal with his advice, followed by Juan Mayoral, who acted as a link with the Spanish circles, Andrea Rizzolini, who connected us with the Italian circles, and Marco Candela, President of the Royal Magicians’ Club of Brussels.

Outside energies are suggesting that we create a kind of “Think Tank” to help finance the project, encourage dialogue with elected representatives and establish exchanges with corporate VIPs. Eventually, these energies will probably join MACH 5 directly.

Don’t forget that we’ve only just got off the ground… and that’s already a great start! Thank you to all those who support this project and have signed up!

What are MACH 5’s links with FFAM (formerly FFAP) and CFI?

Officially, none at present; but everything is open for both the FFAP and the CFI. If you scroll down the “They’re talking about it” section, you’ll see that two past presidents of the FFAP support the project and that a good half of the magicians are members of the FFAP.

Is MACH 5 in competition with FFAM (formerly FFAP)?

Not at all. MACH 5 does not aim to federate clubs, publish a prestigious magazine, hold an annual national congress or organise French championships.

What is the difference with FFAM (formerly FFAP)?

MACH 5 welcomes members of all kinds: companies, associations, institutions, the 3 M’s = Muggle, Magic Fiend and magicians.

There is no entrance exam and no oath of secrecy.

MACH 5, supported by MFP, will host the Palais de la Magie. This very French venue will nevertheless have at least a pan-European vocation and will therefore also aim to promote cross-border culture. MACH5 is aimed at the general public through its museum and its shows.

The common denominator is the preservation of magical culture and the transmission of knowledge through education.

What are the contribution rates?

They vary according to the type of member and the level of support a member can give. They remain very modest and appear on the membership form.

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