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This is the vehicle for raising the capital needed to build the “Palace of Magic”. Generous patrons will help to provide MFP with capital.

MFP can receive manual donations, notarised donations and tax-free legacies, made up of both movable and immovable property.

Why is the name MAGIC FOUNDATION PARIS English?

The search for sponsors is wide-ranging and cross-border. The name might as well be in English, which has become the language of international communication. As for “PARIS”, it clearly indicates its connection with France and its capital, where the Palais de la Magie will be built.

What are the objectives of MAGIC FOUNDATION PARIS?

Extract from MFP’s articles of association

“The purpose of the MFP is to develop and support any work of general interest of a cultural, educational or social nature, and in particular to :

– to contribute, through its actions and the financial support it grants, to the creation of a “Palais de la Magie” in Paris;

– support the activities of non-profit associations whose main purpose is to present magic shows to the public, as well as any non-profit museum activity;

– more broadly, to support any educational, artistic, cultural or social activity of general interest that enables the passion for the magical arts to be passed on to as many people as possible.


MFP was set up with the assistance of a leading specialist law firm at the initiative of a company incorporated under French law, awhich made an initial financial contribution and bore the costs of incorporation.

MFP is managed by three directors, all of whom are corporate officers with business backgrounds.

MFP has no partners; if one day MFP ceased its activities, the funds would revert to the Fondation de France, for example, or to a foundation with equivalent aims.

Who can donate to MFP?

Everyone, individuals, companies, local authorities and institutions.

What can we give MFP?

MFP can receive all types of goods, cash, fiduciary money, notarised donations, legacies, but also shares, real estate of all kinds, usufructs of all kinds, collections, libraries, media libraries, etc.

Are donations tax-free?

Yes, depending on whether the donor is subject to income tax or corporation tax, the rules that apply are set out in the General Tax Code. To summarise, the tax relief on the value of the donation is 66% for people paying income tax up to a limit of 20% of income, but the balance can be carried forward, and 60% for companies up to a limit of 0.5% of turnover.

Who will be looking for donations, gifts and legacies?

Domi NHO has acquired experience already shared with Pathy Bad (director of the French magic team) when it came to financing the FFAP French Magic Team.

We are currently setting up a team dedicated to VIP company directors, asset managers, notaries and a high-level circle of influence. Anyone who feels able to contribute their know-how and interpersonal skills is welcome to join this team.

Have you already received donations?


Financial donations
We have the resources to begin work on the project. We just need to keep on collecting.

The first financial donation was the endowment of MFP when it was created, made by a company.
But it’s not just financial donations.

There are also donations of knowledge, and the first donation of this type was made by Pierre Guédin.
Pierre generously donated the fruit of a long project: “A short introduction to the magical arts for children aged eight to twelve in the form of an educational booklet”, which he developed and tested himself. It’s very important because it’s the first step in teaching.

There are gifts of services
The first donation came from Gabriel Werlen, who invested in the pre-membership database and will continue with MACH 5 memberships, then Alexandre Laigneau invested in the logo and the structure of this site, Frédérique Houzelle in content and its publication and communication, Antoine Leduc, who is responsible for coordinating heritage managers, Pathy Bad, who worked on the documents for the first period of sponsorship for EdF S, Florian Sainvet, who created the illustrations, and of course Domi NHO, who coordinates and promotes the project; You can find out more about the other people involved in the “who’s who” section to be created for this purpose.

Donations of information and contacts
The first donation was from Stuart Scott, General Secretary of The Magic Circle Foundation, who helped us a great deal with his advice, followed by Juan Mayoral, who acted as a link with the Spanish circles, Andrea Rizzolini, who connected us with the Italian circles, and Marco Candela, President of the Royal Magicians’ Club of Brussels.

Outside energies are suggesting that we create a kind of “Think Tank” to help finance the project, encourage dialogue with elected representatives and establish exchanges with corporate VIPs. Eventually, these energies will probably join MACH 5 directly.

Don’t forget that we’ve only just got off the ground… and that’s already a great start! Thank you to all those who support this project and have signed up!

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