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“What kind of surface area and what kind of property programme?



Who’s going to look for a site to build the “Palais de la Magie”?

Domi NHO is fortunate to have had a career in real estate as well as being a magician, and to be able to activate his networks. 25 applications have already been received and examined. 6 have been visited. 2 are ‘possible’ with major constraints to manage. Many more will have to be seen if we are to find the rare pearl. For the record, London’s The Magic Circle searched for a year before selecting a site (a former warehouse in central London that was subsequently converted). Everyone can contribute with information they can find on the site.

How much will the “Palais de la Magie” cost?

The minimum size of the development is 2,000 m². In Paris, the average transaction per m² is around €10,000/m², and much more in upmarket districts. The project will therefore represent a minimum investment of around €20m. To this must be added equipment, collections and working capital requirements during the complex’s ramp-up period.

Will members of the MACH 5 association have to pay for this investment?

No. MAGIC FOUNDATION PARIS (MFP) will be primarily responsible for investment in the construction of the “Palais de la Magie”, and the necessary capital will be provided by sponsors.

However, MACH 5 will invest in the equipment, but will be subsidised for this purpose by MFP.

When will the “Palais de la Magie” open?

If we take into account : One year to find and master a site / One year to: design the modifications, apply for planning permission, obtain it, clear it of any appeals / one year minimum to carry out the work / that’s three years. To be on the safe side, we’ve given ourselves 5 years, hence MACH “5”. This is a long-term project. We have to be prepared to be a fundraiser. That’s not stopping donations of all kinds from coming in, or from starting MACH 5 activities.

There’s already a Museum of magic in Paris, will you be complementary?

We have an excellent relationship with the “Musée de la Magie” in the rue Saint Paul. Its founder, Georges Proust, is a trailblazer. He is fully aware of our project and is following its progress closely; he encourages MACH 5’s initiative as well as that of the “Palais de la Magie”, especially as he was behind the Maison de la Magie Robert-Houdin in Blois. He told us that he would be delighted to lend his collections to our museum if we needed them.

His museum is incredibly charming, housed in the vaulted cellars of the Marais district. The other side of the coin is that the museum is constrained in terms of ERP capacity and space. We will therefore have obvious complementarities, all to the benefit of Magic. The Palais de la Magie will have many other activities, including an auditorium, library, media library and events centre.

Will you be working with the “Maison de la Magie” in Blois?

It’s fortunate that the Maison de la Magie Robert-Houdin in Blois came into being 25 years ago. It has paved the way; when the time comes, we will be able to propose truly beneficial synergies. The population of Blois is distinct from that of the Paris region, which has almost 10 million inhabitants and to which motorways, railways and airports converge. A quality show staged in Blois can come to Paris and vice versa. Exhibitions can also travel from one place to another.

As a magician in his own right, the Director of the Maison de Magie de Blois is a pre-member of MACH 5. Once MACH 5 has been set up, it will be able to make an official request to the town of Blois to join it as an institution.

Que pensez-vous du “Double Fond” ?

A lot of good. For nearly thirty years, Dominique Duvivier has been successfully promoting “close-up”, which benefits magic. He has found his niche as a café-théâtre.
Close-up has become a favourite area of expression for the younger generation of magicians. The Palais de la Magie will be able to showcase it to the public’s delight.
There will be intelligent synergies to be found with the “Double Fond”.

Furthermore, the “Double Fond” is a pioneer with the teaching it provides, sanctioned by professional certification. It’s setting an example, and there’s no doubt that it will be followed by others.

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